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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Aerial Photos

Last week I took a day off from my new work-at-home job in network marketing and rented a helicopter and took seven pre-paid locations in Prince William County. It was great to get back in the air and particularly have my clients pay for it. These are some of the photos.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

True Meaning of Christmas

The Christmas Season and the New Year have come and gone. I find myself in reflection of the high points, the exchange of gifts with loved ones, the sharing of the season’s music with family and friends. But there is one point that stands out above all others. I was asked by Robert Hart to cover the story of his daughter, Shannon, and grandson Trevor Blake at INOVA in Fairfax Hospital where Shannon and her nine-year-old son Trevor brought Santa and Trevor’s Treasures to the children in the INOVA cancer unit. Every year since Trevor was five years old he vowed to bring a smile and joy to other children that are suffering from various forms of cancer at INOVA. Trevor’s disease was diagnosed as Neuroblastoma, a rare form of childhood cancer and he is now in his third remission. In spite of the trauma placed on this child, he still brings a bit of Christmas joy to other children and their parents and siblings that are visiting during these trying times.

It must be pointed out here that Shannon’s devotion to her son is monumental in scope. She has spent untold hours searching for the latest and most technological advances that medical science has available to fight her son’s cancer. Shannon has attended conventions with doctors, has taken her son to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, PA (CHOP) and is on their way there for another scan.

All this I found both heart wrenching and joyous to witness as the true meaning

of Christmas from a 9-year-old boy.

Pictured is Santa with children receiving gifts from Trevor’s Treasures.

Trevor Blake is the boy in the background of the photo on the right.

More about Trevor can be found on his website:

Monday, January 21, 2008

Thresher, Search for Debris

During a vacation sail aboard the Stephen Tabor out of Camden Harbor
we anchored in Rockland Harbor for the Lobster Festival in June of 1964.

The Naval ship USS 110 Quapaw anchored for shore leave. The ship
was returning from a trip to locate some debris for the downed Submarine Thresher wher 129 officers and men lost their lives.

It is my intent to make a limited edition of this image to be placed for sale at some later date.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Wingmen 31" x 21"

This watercolor depicts the landing of the Columbia and the Wright Flyer in the same image showing the progress of aviation. There were several similarities-both were powered gliders and flew with the aid of wingmen.

As you know the Columbia did not return from its last mission giving this art some historic value. This is a limited edition of 500 of which 10% have been reserved by the artist for remarqueing.

The poster is printed on acid free paper with acid free inks. Included is a certificate of authenticity. Prints are available directly from Bill Evans for $60, remarqueing $160.

PosterPlus a division of IDEAS

PosterPlus is a recent addition to the services of IDEAS designed to produce, design, and distribute products directly to the market such as posters, jumbo postcards, calanders, etc. Examples of these products are posted for your review and comment.

"Interact with History" Poster 24" x 36"

The Perfect Teaching Aid of Local Virginia History for School, Office, or Home.

Prince william County, Manassas, Virginia

The image is available as a poster (24" x 36") and jumbo postcards (7 3/4" x 11"). There is a legend sheet that accompanies each poster (11" x 14") and is printed on the back of the postcards. The price for the poster is $21 or $31.50 for signed and numbered copies which are available from Bill Evans, owner of IDEAS, by appointment, phone 703.590.3995. The Postcards are selling for $5. Wholesale rates are available for interested area merchants.

Posters and Postcards are available at the following locations:
• The National Museum of the Marine Corps, Quantico, VA
• The Manassas Museum, Manassas, VA
• Leesylvania State Park, Woodbridge, VA
• BORDERS Woodbridge store on the Parkway
• La Grange Winery, Haymarket, VA
• DEP Printing, Route 1, Woodbridge, VA
• Frameworks, Dale City, VA
• Book Store in Manassas, VA
• Virginia Office Supply, Woodbridge, VA
• Several other local merchants

Leesylvania State Park - Fairfax House

Artist Bill Evans painted this watercolor in 1983 before the opening of Leesylvania State Park. The chimney is all that remains of the Fairfax House ca. 1825.

Left: The oblisk was moved from US Route 1 to its present location on Leesyvania State Park/Freestone Point by the Woodbridge Rotary Club with the cooperation of VEPCO.

Right: Harry "Lighthourse" Lee, the Father of Robert E. Lee, occupied Leesylvania in 1750.

Far Right: General Robert E. Lee

Posters 20" x 24" will be available
at Leesylvania State Park Gift and Visitors Center.